Lasting Impressions Calligraphy

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you provide services just locally or nationwide?

Both! We take great care & pride with all orders, to provide the best experience possible.

2. How do I place an order?

Click on Contact Us tab up above to request a quote. Please be thorough in letting us know how we can meet your needs and reserve our services. Please wait for confirmation email for reservation of our services. A contract will then be sent to you email or by mail. It is very important to ensure your date is reserved and available. Please allow up 48 hrs for a response. We will respond asap!

Please note: Please allow ample time to reserve services and time to receive your order, especially if it is for a wedding. *6-8 weeks minimum* is recommended for mailing out invitations for all weddings. Keep in mind, additional time may be needed to receive, review and mail your invitations, including, but not limited to additions and corrections.

3. What do you need from me?

We will need the following:

Lasting Impressions Calligraphy Contract/ list of services to be rendered

Your guest list (See below for submission guidelines) 

Please address your list *exactly how it is to appear on all envelopes, etc*.  I twill be scribed in this exact fashion.

Full Payment for all services under $74.99

50% Non-refundable deposit for all services over $75.00

 All materials needed to perform calligraphy (if applicable):

outside envelopes                                            inside envelopes

 place cards                                                     table cards

 all invitations                                                 postage and tissue

*Please include 10-15% extra envelopes per every 75 envelopes to allocate for any spelling errors, additions, or changes.

Please note: IF you would like your invitations stuffed and mailed and they require additional postage than what you have sent, it will be added to your final bill. We will make every effort to contact you regarding additional postage choices OR do our best to ensure a nice stamp option has been chosen, if postage becomes an issue.

All invitations will be requested to be *hand-canceled* to prevent the standard postage line marking from postage machines.

Please check with your printer to ensure that ink will NOT bleed or is of heavy fibrous material that will snag calligraphy nibs that may impair the beauty of your envelopes

Please note: IF materials and payment / deposit are not sent in a timely manner after agreeing upon mailing and delivery dates, Lasting Impressions Calligraphy may not be able to guarantee delivery dates. Rush fees may apply and/or order may not be completed in time. Your time is precious and we want to ensure you receive your items in a timely manner.

4. I don't know how to address a wedding envelope or create my wedding invitation list, Can you help me??

See the Wedding Etiquette link on our website for our Quick Reference Guide/ Helpful links, including the United States Post office for assistance with zip codes and how to address your guests properly. A quick reference guide is also listed on this link.

5. What are your submission guidelines?

Please submit your fully proof read and legible guest list. If type written, please only use Times New Roman font in 12pt.

*If you would like us to provide proof reading services, which includes the properly addressing of all names (see rates for these additional services), it can be provided to you at extra cost. Please see Rates link tab for prices.

*Please keep in mind that this can be a long and tedious task. Your time is valuable and we want to provide you with quality work and without a properly addressed list, there can be a delay with your order, so please send your final draft or see if proof reading services may better meet your needs.

Number your addresses and include all zip codes

NO Caps or Excel spreadsheets permitted. Microsoft Word documents only please.

No spelling errors please. Ensuring that your guests' names are spelled correctly is *your responsibility*, since names can have many different forms of spelling. We will, however, make efforts to contact you if a name does come into question



1. Mr. and Mrs. John Jones

123 Pine Street

Los Angeles, CA 



Mr. and Mrs. Jones

**IF there is a close relation to the guest and you want your inner envelope a little less formal, FOR EXAMPLE: Mr Tom Jones is your Uncle, Per your request, we can address inner envelope as Uncle Tom Jones

6. Can my materials be directly mailed to you by my printer?

Yes. Please inform us of your supplier when you submit your deposit and guest list. Don't forget to inform your printer to include YOUR contact information and let us know the estimated time of arrival of your (wedding) materials.

7. What if I find errors in my order?

If we are in error, it will be rewritten at no cost to you. If it is a typo/error in your error, it will be rewritten in a timely manner and charged at the same rate you paid per envelope plus postage. We will even send it out for you, if needed.  We will make every effort to confirm spellings in question. This is why we ask that you order/send extra envelopes for this very unexpected reason.

8. What color ink do you provide?

Although black is standard and most elegant, other colors may be available. Please let us know what you have in mind and we will make every attempt to accommodate your wishes. We also can write on black envelopes with white labels and possibly in gold OR silver, dependent on stock.

9. How do you take payment?

I accept cash & check (local only) and credit cards via PayPal  for those who want to use a credit card/bank cards that contain the Visa / MasterCard logo. You do NOT have to have a paypal account to be able to utilize PayPal services. Lasting Impressions Calligraphy will submit an invoice with a funds request. Simply wait for an invoice to be sent to you for your initial deposit, and pay in a timely manner... Let us do all the rest. 

Please be sure to send full payment on all orders under $74.99 OR 50% non-refundable deposit for all orders over $75.00 with your materials. Without it, Lasting Impressions Calligraphy cannot start work. Once your order is completed, Lasting Impressions Calligraphy will send a request for final payment via PayPal email. Once we receive the final payment for our work (including such things as shipping, proof reading, postage, rush fees, etc), your order will be shipped.

10. What if I need additional items addressed after I receive my order (Forgotten   Aunt, fellow colleagues, employees, etc)?

We are more than happy to address additional items at the same per envelope price plus shipping. It can be sent USPS Priority ($3.00  or more, depending on size of USPS order/box) to protect envelope, as well as standard shipping. We can also mail it out for you, if needed.

11. Do I need to send extra envelopes?

Yes. It is recommended to send 10-15% additional envelopes per every 75 invitations (7-14 envelopes is desired). This allows for errors, corrections, or unexpected additions. This is the very reason we may keep a few envelopes after your order has been mailed. Calligraphy takes much time and dedication and we want everything to look its best!

12. Can you hand write all envelopes and / or place cards if I choose this option?

Yes, if you are on a budget, but don't want/have time to write all envelopes/place cards, but still would like to have a sense of elegance, we are more than happy to address your needs and provide the same quality and care in services as if it was calligraphy services.

13. Do you do rush orders? 

Yes. Please contact us at and tell us the details of your occasion, the quantity, and how soon it is needed, so we may send you a quote.

14. What methods of shipping do you use?

We will ship all orders USPS Priority Mail and provide a tracking number and can request a confirmation receipt. All shipping charges and additional postage charges are paid by the customer and added to the final bill.