Lasting Impressions Calligraphy


Rates & Services: Weddings, Renewal of Vows, Special Occasions/ Ceremonies (Quiceaneras, Bar Mitvahs, etc.): 


Envelopes (inside and outside)                                                                             $ 1.70per set

Outside envelopes only (no return address)                                                          $ 1.00    each

Place Cards with names                                                                                       $   .55   each

Place Cards with names & table numbers                                                             $   .65   each

Return Address                                                                                                    $ 1.00   each

Better Buy: 100 count or more: Outer Envelopes, inner envelopes (No return address), place cards (optional: table #)                                                                              $2.00per set

Table Names                                                                                     SMALL:    $ 1.00   each

                                                                                            MEDIUM/LARGE: $1.25   each

Table Numbers                                                                   MEDIUM/LARGE:  $1.00   each

Table Cards for Food Tables (i.e. Buffet)                                                             $1.00   each                                                                                                                                 

Vows (great for scrapbooking!)                                                                           $1.50      line

**Please note: On most occasions, couples choose to have return address printed by printer or use of labels. This service may be offered free from printer/vendor.


Want a beautiful look, but still on a budget? You can still have handwritten envelopes, but WE DO ALL THE WORK!!

Handwritten Envelopes (inside and outside), No Calligraphy, with return address                                                                                                                                                 $1.50   each

Handwritten Envelopes (inside and outside), No Calligraphy, without return address

                                                                                                                            $1.25   each 

Handwritten Outside Envelopes Only, No Calligraphy, with return address                                                                                                                                 $ 1.00   each

Handwritten Outside Envelopes Only, No Calligraphy, without return address                                                                                                                                 $ .75   each 


Don't want to take the time to organize and proof read your guest list? Let us do all the work!!


Proof reading/Editing of your guest list to ensure proper addressing of all envelopes                                                                                                    add  $40.00 (up to 150 guests) +                                                                                               add  $30.00 (151-250 guests)  +                                                                                              add  $20.00 (251-350 guests)  +                                                                                              add  $10.00 (351-450 guests)  

We also offer services to package your invitations.....

Stuffing envelopes, ready for mailing (with or without postage, *postage paid by you)                                                                                                  add  $30.00 (up to 150 sets of guests)                                                                                       add  $25.00 (151-250  sets of guests) +                                                                                   add  $20.00 (251-350  sets of guests) +                                                                                   add  $15.00 (351-450  sets of guests)

*Please note, 1 ENVELOPE = all guests under one household, under 18yrs*,over 18 receives separate envelope.   

EXAMPLE: 150 sets of guests (Mr. & Mrs. John Smith) =150 envelopes     


Would you like us to mail?? All mail is hand~cancelled, to avoid ugly post office computer marks on your beautiful envelopes .

Mailing of all announcements / invitations                                                       Free of Charge

Rates (continued):
Graduation Announcements (may be duplicated onto card stock)                              $1.50 line

Optional: Cut with decorative edging/ or corner rounded (up to 25 announcements/ every set of 25 thereafter)                                                                                                           $5.00

Award Certificates, (fill in nameonly)  date optional                                                 $.65 each

Baby Announcements (fill in only, you provide stationary)                                       $1.00 each  With Outside Envelopes (no return addresses)                                                        $1.75each 

Handmade Baby Announcements (Baby's information is written in calligraphy and printed on card stock)                                                                                            set of 8 / $10.00          

With Outside Envelopes (no return addresses)                                        set of 8 / $15.00

Poems / Programs / Banquets                                                                                 $1.50 line          

Quotes / Bible Verses                                                                                             $1.50 line

Lettering for Scrapbooks                                                                                        $1.50 line       

Name plaques (Name alone OR with meaning of name)             5x7 $10.00 / 8x10   $15.00    *Optional: Black or dark brown frame                                      5x7  $10.00 / 8x10   $15.00   

Memorial Tributes (dependent on length/how many lines)                 5x7  $1.50 line /  $15.00 min. *Optional: brown or black frame                                                     8x10     add  $15.00  

Menus (special events, dinner parties, etc), may be duplicated for multiple             $1.50 line tables                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          *Optional: Cut with decorative edging/ or corner rounded                                                           (up to 25 menus/every set of 25 thereafter)                                                    add  $10.00

Restaurant Menus: Handwritten in calligraphy, ready to take to printer.                   $2.00 line   

*Base Setup Fee: minimum $15 (gives permission for work to be duplicated)
*** All price subject to change without notice***