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Wedding Etiquette and Helpful Hints

The wedding envelopes will be the first thing your guests will see, let them know how important they are to you....  Here are a few helpful links to help you properly address your guest list and prepare it for submission to Lasting Impressions Calligraphy. Zip Codes: To find those last minute zip codes:

How to address envelopes: 


                                       Quick Reference Guide:

Your Guests                       Outside Envelope                    Inside Envelope

Married Couple

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Smith


Married Couple with Children

Under 13


Mr. and Mrs. Michael Smith

 (Children over 18 can receive a separate invitation)


Mr. and Mrs. Smith

John and Amy


Brothers and Sisters at Same Address


Messrs. John and Adam Smith

Misses Amy and Nancy Smith

Ms. Amy and Ms. Nancy Smith


The Messrs. Smith

The Misses Smith

Ms. Smith and Ms. Smith


Divorced Woman


Ms. Janice Miller

Ms. Janice Smith

(Maiden name restored)


Ms. Miller

Ms. Smith


Widow or Separated


Mrs. John Miller

(Ms.) Janice Miller

Mrs. Janice Miller

(This is incorrect

but is common usage)


Mrs. Miller

Ms. Miller


Jr. or junior


Mr. Michael Smith, Jr.

Mr. Michael Smith junior


Mr. Smith


Mr. Michael Smith II

Mr. Smith

Married Couple Both Doctors

The Doctors Smith

Drs. Michael and Mary Smith

Dr. Mary Jones and

Dr. Michael Smith

The Doctors Smith

Dr. Jones and Dr. Smith


Wife Only Has Title


Dr. Mary Smith and Mr. Michael Smith


Dr. Smith and Mr. Smith


Wife Uses Maiden Name


Ms. Mary Jones and Mr. Michael Smith


Ms. Jones and Mr. Smith


Couple Living Together Unmarried



Single Person and Guest


Ms. Mary Jones and

Mr. Michael Smith




Mr. Michael Jones and

Mr. James White


Ms. Jones and Mr. Smith


Mr. Jones and Mr. Whit